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China’s rise: why US advocacy for confrontation leaves Asia cold South China Morning Post – 30 August 2020
Pragmatism not American Militarism is the answer John Menadue – Pearls and Irritations – 3 August 2020
Increasing militarisation of police invites tragedy The Sydney Morning Herald – 29 June 2018
The Singapore Summit was all about ending the war The Australian Financial Review – 15 June 2018
US decision key to Korea peace The Sydney Morning Herald – 28 May 2018
North Korea: Why negotiations can’t wait for denuclearisation The Australian Financial Review – 9 February 2018
Symbolism uncomfortable for many Australians The Sydney Morning Herald – 17 January 2018
North Korea: there is only one acceptable endgame The Sydney Morning Herald – 6 July 2017
Inside North Korea The Sydney Morning Herald – 3 May 2017
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