Advance praise for Korea – Where the American Century Began

AC Grayling

What a brilliant book It lifts the lid on so many things… It is outstanding. This is a very important book, an eye-opening one, and a wise one. Its lessons are so widely applicable – and they add a remarkable dimension to what we already know about the nature of US military interventions since 1945…

The book is beautifully written…the phrase ‘as gripping as a thriller,’ really applies: once I’d started reading I could not stop, literally so. I read it in one go on a plane journey – fascinated, educated, appalled, amazed, and gripped. I take my hat off to the richness of the research…I came away from reading the book in equal parts full of admiration for the book itself, and appalled by the story it tells…It capture[s] universal themes in [its] account of particularities. That is a characteristic of art…

No-one with an interest in recent history and current affairs should fail to read it. It should be on every foreign correspondent’s bedside table. Indeed, I think it is required reading for any and every ‘International Relations’ course at any university…I could repeat ad infinitum my admiration for this great book.

Noam Chomsky

Maddening, painful…Perceptive and compelling – often heart-rending, sometimes downright terrifying – this richly informed study amply establishes its thesis that the ‘permanent phenomenon’ of American global militarism has its origin in the Korean conflict. The incisive review of the historical record reveals as well how judicious statesmanship and even a dose of good common sense could have spared the people of Korea the horrors they have endured since the end of World War II and the constant threat of even worse. The lessons are all too pertinent in today’s toxic political climate, with Korea once again a centerpiece and victim.

Geoffrey Robertson QC, author of Crimes Against Humanity

What a brilliant and topical book…No book could be more timely or with warnings more necessary to heed, if history is not to be repeated. North Korea is an impossible country to understand, unless you start by reading a book like this. It movingly describes the inhumanity of US military policy during the Korean War – three years of carpet bombing, the use of napalm, calls for nuclear evisceration and biological warfare…

Dr. Leonid Petrov, Australian National University

A brilliant book…rich and multidimensional…meticulously researched, comprehensive, and extremely timely…It opens a new dimension on America’s continuing war against anything different… and explains why, after seven decades of meddling, the Korean drama remains unresolved.

Richard Broinowski, former Australian Ambassador to South Korea

[This] book should become compulsory material for anyone who wonders how the situation on the Korean peninsula deteriorated to the point it has today. [It] explains why Kim Jong-un and his military commanders are so determined to acquire a credible nuclear deterrent. [The] description of the punitive and inhumane air assault north of the 38th parallel from 1951 to 1953 is appalling and compelling…I would, if I had the power, make it compulsory reading for all our national politicians…

This book will be released in Australia in February 2018.

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This lucid book should be compulsory reading for anyone who wonders how the situation on the Korean peninsula has deteriorated to the point it is today. It demonstrates the truth of the axiom that unless you know the history, you cannot see the future.

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