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After a varied and peripatetic childhood, Michael Pembroke studied History, French and Politics at university intending to become a diplomat. Instead, he turned to the law and became a judge, undertaking a writing career in his spare time. Pembroke was born in Australia but his first school was at Sandhurst and his final university was at Cambridge in the UK.

Pembroke has travelled extensively, and lived in the United Kingdom and colonial Southeast Asia, as well as in Trump’s America. He was in Washington DC at the time of Watergate; Chicago when the Obamacare legislation was passed; New York city shortly before 9/11; and New Jersey during the first year of the Trump presidency. For his last book, Pembroke travelled through North Korea from the Yalu River to the DMZ. His next book will take him along the ancient trading routes from Oman to Central Asia to Malacca. He has now left the law and lives in Sydney and the Blue Mountains in a small cool-climate hamlet and former hill station, where many years ago, he created a substantial garden.

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