• Arthur Phillip
    Sailor, Mercenary, Governor, Spy.

    This book uncovers the elusive character of Arthur Phillip, brings to life his career in the Royal Navy and explains the culture, values, fashions and features of the Georgian society in which he lived and died.

‘Arthur Phillip – Sailor, Mercenary, Governor, Spy’ was short-listed for the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards 2014

The judges made the following comment about the book:
“Michael Pembroke’s Arthur Phillip: Sailor, Mercenary, Governor, Spy is a rich, freshly edifying and widely informed portrait of this multi-faceted man who, from a highly diversified and unexpected background, became the key figure in Australia’s founding settlement. Impressively written with verve, perception and wide research knowledge, it reveals a complex and versatile figure.”
Prime Minister's Literary Awards 2014 Shortlist

Michael Pembroke is a writer, judge and naturalist.

He was born in 1955 and enjoyed a peripatetic childhood traversing the great oceans of the world, living in and travelling to many of the maritime ports of the colonial era.
His first school was at Sandhurst in the grounds of a military academy and his last on the foreshore of Sydney Harbour. He completed his education at Cambridge and now lives and writes in Sydney and at the cool climate hamlet of Mount Wilson in the Blue Mountains.

Trees of History and Romance

This book was published in 2009 and is available at select bookshops or from www.florilegium.com.au
In this book, written with grace and playfulness, wit, erudition and occasional introspection, Michael Pembroke has collected a cornucopia of information on certain trees, drawn from history, literature, poetry, mythology, botany and folklore.

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